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Excludes medium/heavy-duty vehicles. Taxes and fees may apply. Limited to one per customer.
Medium/Heavy-duty Vehicles. Taxes and fees may apply. Limited to one per customer.

Custom Alignments in Mountain View, CA

Here at Silicon Valley Performance Truck & Auto Repair in Mountain View, CA, we are your source for all of your custom alignment needs. Whether you’re looking for a performance boost or are looking for a certain aesthetic, the professionals here at our shop have the equipment and knowledge to help you realize your custom alignment or suspension vision.

While factory-recommended alignment specifications are great for the average vehicle and tire life, they don’t always fit the needs for those who are looking for a distinct look such as flush fitment or showing off custom rims. We are equipped with a state-of-the-art Hunter alignment machine that is capable of handling vehicles up to 18,000 lbs including dual rear wheel vehicles.

Our ASE certified technicians are Hunter machine trained and are capable of aligning lifted vehicles, lowered vehicles, and medium-duty vehicles. We can also handle alignments for medium-sized trucks or vehicles towing heavy loads to ensure that your alignment is set according to the heavier weight that your vehicle may carry on the regular.

Our custom alignment services include:

  • Custom alignments on any vehicle up 18,000lbs
  • Custom tracks
  • Camber setups
  • Custom wheel lifts
  • Lowering kits
  • Dually rear wheel vehicles

Custom alignments can change the way your vehicle looks and its overall handling. We can help you boost your vehicle’s performance and give your car that unique look. We can also help if you have a vehicle that needs extra ground clearance for larger tires or wheels. We have the experience and the equipment to do what most other suspension shops can’t do. If you have an idea or need a kit installed, you can trust the experts here at our Mountain View custom wheel alignment shop.

Silicon Valley Performance Truck & Auto Repair also offers regular wheel alignment services to increase the life of your vehicle’s tires and ensure the best overall vehicle handling. A telltale sign of a bad wheel alignment is a car that pulls to one side on the road, so if you suspect you are due for an alignment, we invite you into our shop at your earliest convenience. Driving with bad wheel alignment can cost you hundreds in new tires and suspension repairs, so the sooner you have your wheels realigned, the better.

If you’re looking for custom alignments in Mountain View, CA, look no further than the professional choice here at Silicon Valley Performance Truck & Auto Repair. Give us a call or schedule your appointment online today!

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